2008 Link Belt HTC8675 II, s/n P9J8-0052.  8782 hours, 14178 miles, tires at 90%, very good condition, certified.

FOB Charlotte, NC……….$420,000


2000 Link Belt LS138H II, s/n H7J0-3503.  Isuzu Diesel, 3rd Front Drum, 100’ Tube Boom.  LMI, Freefall, Tagline, Block and Ball.  Undercarriage 85% good.  1,836 Hours Showing.
The crane is in good to excellent condition.  Crane is one owner with all records and oil samples from new.  There is only one picture right now because the crane is in process of being painted and decaled.

FOB Charlotte,NC …….. $275,000


1981 Link Belt HC258, s/n 28G91039B.  200-ton, 280′ boom, 50′ jib, GM power, 9195 hours on lower, 44629 miles, 5250 hours on upper, very good condition.

FOB Canada……….POR


1974 Link Belt LS518, s/n 4EW77.  Cummins, 130′ tube boom, 3rd drum, 65-ton hook/block, 11849 hours, gauges good, and has annual inspection.

FOB Charlotte, NC……….$85,000


2007 Link-Belt 298HSL.  250-ton (updated to 250-ton).  14,830 hrs (6/28/15).  All standard equipment plus 60′ lift crane attachment, 10′ JN extension, 20′ JN extension, 30′ JN extension, and 40′ JN extension.  Hydraulic 3rd drum winch, 165-ton 5-sheave hook-block, 55-ton single sheave hook-block, and 3rd drum wire rope.

Standard luffing attachment with: 10′ base section, 20′ top section, 5′ boom extension required for bail anchor and 5′ luffing boom top section.  Also a 10′ luffing section, 20′ luffing section, 30′ luffing section, and a 40′ luffing section.

FOB Charlotte, NC………….POR


Grove 700B  TM870, s/n 67306.  138′ main boom, SAW with boom and jib (it will go 212′), pilot controls.  Tires 80-95%, radials.  CAT 44, 8-speed low hole, 096344 hrs. showing, 11531 tach hrs. Gauges and glass are good, 01036 hrs showing in upper.  4-sheave block and ball, it has a dolly (not confirmed if goes with yet), PAT LMI.  Outriggers are dry, certified 7/16/14, seat needs upholstery, upholstery sagging in upper cab.  Main boom wet at bottom but not dripping.  Wet around rear of engine-front of transmission, ding in bottom of cab, door panel upholstery off.

FOB Charlotte, NC     $200,000


1974 Manitowoc 4000, s/n 40515, 150-ton, Cummins 240 with turbo, 170′ off #22 boom open throat, 4467 hours, 104400 counterweight, 24′  extendable tracks, 48″ pads, undercarriage 70% good, anti-two block, new boom worm gear, dry torque, good swing gears, good brake bands, gauges all good, new boom hoist pins in sheaves, good wish bone, bolts good, new pendant lines



2007 Link Belt RT8065 II, s/n J9J7-9141, 65-ton,  CAT 606 A Cert, full boom, SAW, Rooster Sheave,  5,176 hrs., all records, air condition, 2 winches, pilot controls.  Tires 265-25 (90% good and matched). Paint is good, crane is in very good to excellent condition.  Certified and work ready!

FOB Charlotte, NC     $ 285,000


1978 Link Belt LS108B, s/n 9LG-5277.  Detroit 471, undercarriage 50%, 3rd drum, 2 counterweights, 4-sheave block, turn-table good, paint is good, machine is dry.

FOB Charlotte, NC……….$65,000


Liebherr AT1100-6  All-Terrain Crane 2nd drum

FOB Charlotte, NC     $18,000


1979 Grove RT518, s/n 43662.  18-ton, Detroit 371.  25′-60′ boom, 1 winch, swing cab, block and ball.  Rayo Anti-Two Block.  Tires 1600×25, 95%.  This is a plant machine, all gauges, glass, and sheet is good.  Some light rust around the floorboard, No holes.  Crane is in very good condition.

FOB Charlotte, NC……….$28,000